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CoFoundersLab Acquires Entrepreneur-Focused Networking Service Bizpora

TechCrunch logo TechCrunch 30/04/2014 Sarah Perez

, a sort of “ for entrepreneurs” who are seeking their soon-to-be better halves, has made another small-ish acquisition to help expand its service’s offerings. The company has bought Bizpora, a startup that was with others in their field ahead of upcoming trips, as well as keep an eye on interesting people who were planning to visit users’ own hometowns, too.

The London-based startup, founded by longtime friends and colleagues Fred Caballero (CEO), Facundo Villaveiran, and Pierre Lacave, was a graduate of the U.K.’s accelerator. Founded in early 2012, Bizpora (previously Startup Stay), wasn’t just about helping people network, but had a sort of “Couchsurfing” alternative by connecting members who wanted to crash at each other’s places, instead of a hotel. The company had seen some minor coverage on sites like , , and elsewhere, because of this aspect.

However, Bizpora never really took off. Its web experience is still very basic, and it had only a small amount of funding from Start-Up Chile, to Crunchbase. The company claims to have helped “hundreds” of entrepreneurs from 130 countries connect with each other to date. That’s not a lot, but apparently, its overall user base was 10,000 – which made it attractive to CoFoundersLab, it seems.

The company was also interested in Bizpora’s international presence, nothing that it could help them with its international match-up events.

Caballero reached out to CoFoundersLab about a partnership around two years in to Bizpora’s operations, but those discussions changed as the companies realized they shared the same overall goals. CoFoundersLab has now agreed to acquire the service for an undisclosed (but likely small) sum. Bizpora’s co-founders, however, won’t be joining as a part of the deal.

CoFoundersLab, which competes with a number of other organizations, including , and various regional efforts, ranging from Meetup groups to local organizations, like SVForum or Hackers and Founders, for example. Today, the company, which , including West Coast-based as well as the East Coast-based, says it had over 30,000 members ahead of the Bizpora deal.

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