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Concern over raising the speed limit

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 10/11/2016

An international road safety charity says raising the speed limit to 110km/h could lead to more deaths and serious injuries on New Zealand's roads.

Brake NZ, which campaigns for road safety and supports bereaved families, is "extremely concerned" about government proposals released on Thursday.

They're in the Speed Management Guide, developed as part of the government's Safer Journeys road safety strategy.

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss said increased limits would only be allowed on a select few roads which had a median barrier and at least two lanes in each direction.

Brake NZ says deaths and serious injuries on the roads are increasing as it is.

"Speed is a critical factor in all road crashes and casualties," said the organisation's New Zealand director Caroline Perry.

"The faster you're travelling, the greater your stopping distance is, the less time you have to react to an unexpected hazard, and the bigger the impact in the event of a crash."

Brake NZ is pointing out:

* The stopping distance at 100km/h is 73 metres

* The stopping distance at 110km/h is 96 metres.

It's worried some drivers would break even a 110km/h speed limit.

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