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Creating a New Model of Success

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 2/11/2015 Success 3.0
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We are used to thinking of success in terms of status, money and power. While each of these is a legitimate value in and of itself, when they become the exclusive metric of success they become destructive and unsatisfactory.
We need a new metric, what one of our speakers, Arianna Huffington, has called a "third metric of success."
How do we include our deepest vision and values in what it means to be successful? How do we enact a vision of success which honors both creativity and entrepreneurship and is at the same time driven by purpose and compassion?
The Success 3.0 Summit is about coming together to articulate a new vision of success. Because our culture's vision of success is so pivotal, a genuine shift in our narrative of success changes the very source code for culture itself. The ultimate goal of the Summit is to evolve the source code of success.
However you would like to say it, each of us has emerged from the intelligence of the universe. We are all a unique expression of the love-intelligence of the cosmos. That love-intelligence lives uniquely in you, as you and through you.
In the following simple sentences we have created a vision of a new model of success:

  • The unique expression of the initiating love-intelligence of the cosmos is your Unique Self.
  • Your Unique Self forms your unique perspective.
  • Your unique perspective yields your unique insight.
  • Your unique insight fosters your unique gifts.
  • Your unique gifts address a unique need in your circle of influence that can be addressed by you, and you alone.

This new model of success provides a vision to "be lived as love in the world" to "be the love in the world" that is yours and yours alone to be.
Practically, that means giving the unique gifts that derive from your unique insight, which address the unique need in your circle of influence, that is yours and yours alone to address. To be successful is to live your Unique Self, and give your unique gifts, in service of the larger whole of community, society and the planet. That is the largest game you can play. That is what there is to do. And you are the only person who can do it. When we all do this together we will unleash a wave of creativity and inspired entrepreneurialism.
Keep watch at for details about the 2016 Success Summit*!
*The Summit is a unique event where participants and speakers alike come together to explore and articulate a new model of success to guide us into the future.

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