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Creation, Prosperity and Abundance... It All Starts With a Single Thought

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 2/03/2016 Megan Tull

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Have you ever heard of the phrase "What you think about you bring about"? Or "You
are where you are in life due to your best thinking"? Or what about, "If you change
your thoughts you'll change your life"? All of these are powerful statements, and all are absolutely true.
The key to achieving success, abundance and prosperity in your life comes from within yourself, your thoughts. Every good idea starts there. Unfortunately, all the negative self-talk starts there as well.
Circumstances will most often not align with your dreams or plans. But, while you cannot always choose your circumstances, you can choose your thoughts. What you think allows you, in a way, to shape your circumstances. So, it's very important to feed your mind with positive thoughts. The common denominator in all successful men and women is their constant positive energy -- thoughts of prosperity and abundance with virtually no trace of doubt. That doesn't mean that they aren't afraid sometimes, and that they never have doubts. It means that doubt doesn't live long when you fill your mind with the positives and the possibilities.
In order to create success, wealth and abundance in your life you must create the thought of yourself that way first. You must see yourself as that person and visualize it in your mind and know without any doubt that you are that person. This is where it gets tricky -- most people typically want proof or want to see results first before they believe that something can be true. It's very hard to start toward your dreams and goals if you are waiting on concrete evidence of the outcome. Start walking, and stay alert and positive.
The surest and quickest way to riches is through your thoughts. Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. Use your imagination to create your aspirations and dreams and then your aspirations and dreams will manifest themselves in your life. It's important to be open and to be aware of the opportunities that may present themselves to you on a daily basis. Although it's advisable to have a business plan, a plan of action and/or a blueprint for your success, you must keep your options open because opportunities that lead to success come in many different forms, not necessarily the way you may have imagined or expected. So, therefore if you are not being open you may let life changing opportunities pass you by. You should trust in yourself, create an inner knowing, an awareness that you have everything it takes to make your dreams come true. The rest will take care of itself.
And, here's something that will be of immense help to you that is becoming increasingly difficult to do in our always connected world we live in: Get quiet. Have you ever noticed when you are quiet and at peace or even in a meditative state, ideas and direction tend to reveal themselves without any effort or struggle on your part? We all have the ability to tap into our higher power or inner universal source of wisdom. By allowing yourself to tap into this power you are receiving the benefit of universal thought versus just your limited thinking. Success will sneak up on you and wonderful things will start appearing in your life.
The wisdom and the knowledge comes from the silence, so it's important to quiet your mind and seek direction from your inner source as often as you can. Committing to this powerful exercise daily, can speed up your success process exponentially.
I've known many successful business men and women, entrepreneurs, self-made millionaires; they all have various different skills, talents, work ethics and backgrounds but they all have one thing in common: they have always seen themselves as successful. They would never think to question this.
So, here's the recipe for success: Stay positive. Surround yourself with encouragers. Learn from other successful people. Take action. Start today. Believe in yourself and your unique talents and abilities.
Then, go out and find your passion.

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