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Curioos goes beyond the digital art prints with die-cut aluminum prints

TechCrunch TechCrunch 30/06/2016 Romain Dillet

Curioos has experimented with other formats in the past, but its core product hasn’t changed much over the past few years. The New York-based startup sells art prints from digital artists. And it’s a great way to decorate your home or office. Curioos is taking this one step further with two additional formats.

These new formats aren’t a gigantic departure as they’ll still let you hang art on your wall. But they look and feel different as they’re made out of aluminum. Let’s start with the simple one.

First, you can now order disk prints on aluminum. As the name suggest, these are circular artworks without any frame or anything. Thousands of prints are available in this format.

But the other (and more interesting) format is the custom-shaped die-cut aluminum prints. These will look great on non-white walls as they’ll stand out. These are a bit harder to make as you need to have a single object of focus that you can cut out from the background. So it doesn’t make sense for any kind of art.

Some items already look great using this format. Artists can get creative, and it opens up a lot of decoration possibilities. It looks like most of these items cost around $99.

Like other Curioos products, artists get a cut on every sale. Curioos recently opened the doors of its marketplace, allowing anyone to submit wall art and choose formats. Curioos curators still have to approve the uploaded images before they go live on the website, but the startup tries to make this process as frictionless as possible.

  1. _Lifestyle_Mathieu Clauss

  2. _Lifestyle_Elisabeth-Fredriksson

  3. _Lifestyle_Victor Vercesi

  4. Jasmine's-by-Musya-Qeburia

  5. Marianna-by-Ruben-Ireland

  6. Modern-Wild-1-by-Elisabeth-Fredriksson

  7. Super-Mario-by-Nicola-felasquez-Felaco

  8. YatyNita-by-Andrés-Ariza

  9. Zebra-by-Koning

  10. Artoo-by-Michael-Mateyko

  11. Circle-by-Mathieu-Clauss

  12. Fabric-Rose-by-Ruben-Ireland

  13. Florals-and-Stripes-by-Cassia-Beck

  14. Gray-by-Andy-Westface

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