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Divorce and the City!

HuffPost logo HuffPost 10/03/2016 Michelle Zunter

<span style="font-size:13px;">&nbsp;SJP on the set of&nbsp;</span><em style="font-size:13px;">Divorce</em><span style="font-size:13px;">&nbsp;- Source: Splash News</span> © Provided by The Huffington Post  SJP on the set of Divorce - Source: Splash News At long last Sex and the City fans (including myself of course!) can look forward to another HBO series starring Sarah Jessica Parker. Last night I caught a glimpse of the new series on HBO and I was beyond pleased to see that this is happening.

I'm reminded of how much I miss Sex and the City and it was uplifting to see another potentially engaging series about to premiere with SJP involved.
Due out soon is the new series Divorce, about a woman who is in the midst of a long and drawn out divorce with her husband. Besides starring in Divorce, Sarah Jessica is also the executive producer.

Sarah Jessica has appeared in various feature films over the last several years but we haven't seen her in an HBO series for a while. It's been a good decade since Sex and the City ended. There were two Sex and the City movies that followed but life just hasn't been the same.

There's little information out yet about the entire content of the new show, but if Sex and the City is any indication we should have lots to look forward to.
There's no doubt that fans will tune in to see their favorite shoe obsessed writer tackle a new role where she is managing the end of a marriage, including having children.

Having children on screen is something we haven't seen from Sarah Jessica Parker too much, so this will be a distinct departure from what we're used to seeing from her.

Throughout all six delicious seasons of Sex and the City plus the follow-up movies to boot, the character of Carrie Bradshaw was either single or struggling in relationships.

Most notably in the relationship arena, Carrie was married to Mr. Big in the second Sex and the City movie and figuring out how to function as a couple inside of a marriage. It only took six years and one movie to get Carrie married.
Now, we will draw back the curtain and watch Sarah Jessica Parker maneuver her way through divorce.

From the pictures seen so far from the set of the show, it appears that Sarah Jessica's new character (Frances) is a world away from the infamous Carrie Bradshaw, who stunned with unique and outrageous fashions. In the new series, it seems that Sarah Jessica's character has a more muted fashion style, perhaps intending to be more relatable for viewers.

Sarah Jessica's character Carrie on sex and the City did face some scrutiny for being unrealistic at least fashion-wise to many viewers, but that was part of the charm. You tuned in not only for the fantastic writing and comedy, but to see what Carrie Bradshaw was going to wear next.

Now that she has turned 50, Sarah Jessica Parker is showing viewers that she indeed has staying power long after Sex and the City. In this new show, SJP will be able to relate to a whole new audience of older women who perhaps enjoyed Sex and the City when they were single and have since been married and divorced as well.

Having myself gone through the tumultuous single years alongside Carrie Bradshaw and being addicted to Sex and the City, I can't wait to meet this new, more grown up character and what she has to offer.

By Michelle Zunter
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Originally a Vancouver Island native, Michelle now resides in California. Besides writing and blogging, Michelle is a mom, stepmom, and wife.
Michelle's writing and blogs discuss a wide variety of topics including domestic abuse, adultery, relationships, parenting, step-parenting, beauty & health.
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