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Does Michael Jordan Need a Stylist?

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 21/03/2016 Rashad Benton

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One of the most famous men to ever live, and arguably the most successful basketball player to ever live and play. A living legend, a living icon, but there is one thing Michael Jordan is lacking, and that's style. Sure he looks up to date whenever he's in basketball attire, but that's a given. It's when he wears those suits that I start to cringe. If you've ever taken a look at one of his children's Instagram you can see that daddy Jordan is still stuck in the 90's when it comes style. This isn't to hate on Michael, this is to send an alert out that we want more from the guy who can remake and release the same shoe whenever he feels and still charge $175 & up for them. Wouldn't you want to meet Michael Jordan, and say damn that man looks cool, or maybe you just care about the sport of basketball and beating his record one day "good luck" with that one. Here are several moments when Michael has definitely needed to employ a stylist, and if in fact he does have one; it's time for a new one. Let's save all the "he's a billionaire, and you aren't" talk. I know he's wealthy, you know he's wealthy, we all know. 2016-03-20-1458515509-2808206-MJ2.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2016-03-20-1458515509-2808206-MJ2.jpg

P.s Michael will always & forever be the greatest; also Michael if you see this, you can hire me as your stylist.

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