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Dog survives year with glass in belly

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 26/09/2016

Billie's x-ray showing the glass shards © Facebook/Veterinary Specialist Group Billie's x-ray showing the glass shards An Auckland dog is making a remarkable recovery after walking around for 13 months with more than five large shards of glass embedded in her belly.

Five-year-old Labrador-cross Billie was brought to see a vets because of a large painful lump in her side earlier this month.

But when doctors took an x-ray they found something they've described as "quite unbelievable": more than five pieces of glass in her abdomen, including one longer than 12cm long.

"A long shard of glass must have stabbed right into her abdomen and then broken into five pieces over time," Dr Damian Chase, a surgeon at the Veterinary Specialist Group hospital where Billie was treated, said.

"The glass did not damage anything vital and has just been sitting in her body. She is one very lucky dog."

Billie's owner, Caron Thornton said the dog had run straight through a closed window 13 months earlier but the glass had been missed.

"We rushed her to our local vet who cleaned and sutured the wound then we went on our way," she said.

"She had absolutely no symptoms at all."

The family had thought the lump had been a tumour, Ms Thornton said.

She said Billie was now making a recovery at home after surgery to remove the shards two weeks ago.

"She is doing great," she said.

"She keeps giving us her ball to throw but she is not allowed to run."

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