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Dome Valley witness: 'We saw awful things'

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 27/02/2017
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A woman has told a court of the moment she spotted the bound and bloodied bodied of a teen laying on a roadside in the Dome Valley, saying she saw "awful things".

Nicola Jones and Julie-Ann Torrance are standing trial in the High Court at Auckland accused of attempted murder - and Wayne Blackett has pleaded guilty to the charge - over a kidnapping and attack on a 19-year-old found critically hurt near State Highway 1 north of Auckland in May, 2016.

The three, along with Michelle Blom, are accused of pulling the now 20-year-old victim off a central Auckland road and subjecting her to a long attack in a basement on Great North Road, including cutting her hair, breaking her fingers and sexually violating her.

Prosecutors say the trio then drove the victim to the Dome Valley, where they bashed her head at least seven times with a hammer and left her to die on a dirt road just off State Highway 1.

On Tuesday, the woman who found the victim told the court she had stopped her car dead on the highway after spotting what she thought was a body on her way to work on the morning of May 9.

Kathleen Tolman said she quickly turned her car around to get her husband before returning to the scene.

"We got out of the car, and walked towards the person and saw ... just awful things," she said.

"There was blood on the road. And she was very badly injured.

"There was a really bad head injury. Her arm was twisted around, she had cable ties on her wrists and ankles. All the make-up on her face was running."

Ms Tolman said she he kept talking to the woman, who was only making a shallow puffing noise, and put a blanket over her while waiting for emergency services in increasingly heavy rain.

She later told police about a tarpaulin near the victim they didn't believe had earlier been there, although rubbish was often left at the site.

The first officer on the scene, Constable Mark Wakefield, told the court the zip-ties around the victim's legs made it clear there had been foul play.

Earlier on Tuesday, Blom's lawyer, Julie-Anne Kincade, told the court while it was her client's home where the victim was bound and attacked, she did not go into the basement where the attack was going on.

Jones' lawyer, Maria Pecotic, said a text her client sent to the victim's mother saying she would kill the teen in January, 2016 - in a dispute over her ex-boyfriend- was just said in the heat of the moment and not meant to be taken seriously.

A fifth accused, Cameron Hakeke is charged with kidnapping, assault with a Taser, and aggravated robbery over a separate attack against the same victim on April 23, over which Jones and Torrance also face additional charges.

The trial is expected to last four weeks.

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