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Donald Trump -- The Divisive Force in American Politics!

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 14/03/2016 akhtar khan
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It's quite ironic that the two issues facing America, national and international, I find myself covering both with such depth and passion. I'm talking about Donald Trump and ISIS. It's just so bizarre how the two are linked, for me anyway. The choice facing the American voter is simple. Do they vote for a maverick who is unpredictable, an individual with zero experience on the world stage, foul-mouthed, has the habit of 'publicly' ridiculing just about anyone (look out premier of China), tells untruths or half-truths, makes scapegoats of innocent people simply because of their religion, demonizes politicians and those close to them although he is still very much part of that establishment that he despises so much or, do they vote for Hilary Clinton. The former first lady's pedigree for the office of the president of the United States is beyond question. Let's face facts here people. It looks very likely that Clinton will go up against Trump. So far it's really been a two-horse race. The election coverage has largely been monopolized by Mr Trump, simply because he's such good value for money. It's like watching Shark tank, Jersey Shore and The Kardashians all in one go. I wonder if there's a correlation between dumb down TV and the fact that the majority of Trump voters do not have a college degree, hmmmmmmm I wonder!
In short, here are some of the things Trump says he will immediately do if and when he gets to the White House; relax gun control laws; draft letter to Mexico for this ridiculous wall; start rounding up the Muslims for deportation or be ordered to come in for questioning (just like Nazi Germany - wow) and have those Muslims at airports, turned back and, appoint uber right-wing Supreme Court judges.
The point of this article is this. Mr Trump talks endlessly about how much he loves America. Well then, do the right thing by America and its people and let the GOP choose the right candidate. Let's be honest, Donald Trump has effectively hijacked the GOP for his own political gains. He has no wish or desire to help the common man. He's nothing more than a ratings whore and his showbiz tactics are evidence of that. Mr Trump, you need politicians to legitimize your campaign and your running for office. It's a two party system (errrr... what Tea Party), so picking the GOP was the natural choice for you. But by not bowing out and continuing with this masquerade you are not only splitting the country right down the middle and creating a greater divide between North and South, whites against blacks (Ben Carsons's endorsement means nada as he's a career politician) and Mexicans, turning tolerant into intolerant people with your xenophobia, creating more terrorists at home, talking about giving people greater access to guns so creating a possibility of greater blood baths... so much negativity for one
You constantly remind us that this is a movement. Yes it is and so was Wacko and the people who followed that leader into the abys. But what's more dangerous about you Mr Trump is that you are not only hoodwinking the American public into believing you're their saviour but you're going to isolate America to such an extent that you will diminish its power. Don't take my word for it just look at the world leaders and leading politicians from all over casting grave reservations and airing their concerns about World peace and America's foreign policy under your presidency (is it hot in here or am I just sweating).
But, Mr Trump you are right about one thing and that's this. You're a unifier. I'll give you credit for that. You have managed to drive more conservative Democrats to Hilary's camp - thanks. You've also helped the GOP to stop the infighting and take a hard, long look at themselves and either come together or, lose the next election. But you've 'also' managed to unify the Democrats and the GOP against you. So in a perverse twist of fate you've managed to bring the country together against two common causes, STOP ISIS and, STOP Donald Trump. If this kind of co-operation continues between the two respective parties then, we won't have gridlock after November 2016.
So, you have two choices Mr Trump. If you continue with your campaign and go on to beat Hilary Clinton then, you will have created a country more divided than ever before. You will fail to have the respect deserved of the Commander in Chief. Instead, the country and the establishment will follow you because of the loyalty to the office of the president of the United States.
You're currently facing criticism from the majority of voters in this country including those from within your own party and, criticism from the international community. Your candidature is already flawed. But it's your ego which has got you so far and of course as you keep reminding us of just how 'great a man you are' and 'you're in it to win because you've always been number 1.' You are so drunk with the illusion of power that really this is just a win now for your own prestige and reputation. You know, as much as I do that to continue is sheer folly and plays to your vanity. That's all!!

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