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Don't pay window washers: police

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 18/01/2017 Cassie Devoy

Window washer © Getty Window washer Police have expressed concern at the lack of reporting of assaults, vehicle damage, sexualised behaviour by window washers in Whangarei.

There's been an influx of comments on the Stop the Window Washers Whangarei Facebook page regarding window washers, but not in reports, Northland Police said.

"I'm [sic] feel intimidated - actually, I'm terrified of them and generally try to avoid these intersections where possible," Facebook page administrators said, quoting a "concerned resident".

By-laws in Whangarei prohibit window washers from operating in the city, however the main route through the town is a state highway and therefore isn't subject to the local by-law.

Police say they have no power to remove window washers from these intersections, but are interested if they are committing offences.

They too have taken to Facebook, telling residents to make it clear if they don't want their windscreens cleaned, and to not pay or converse with window washers.

But, some disagree, saying the page should be shut down, and the window washers let be.

"At least they are working trying to earn a buck or 2!!! Some are rude but there are some real well mannered boys too! just trying to think of an alternative foe these boys [sic]," Amber O'Connor commented.

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