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Doppler smart earbuds blend music with the outside world

Engadget Engadget 28/06/2016 Jon Fingas
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Doppler Labs raised eyebrows with its Here Active Listening earbuds, which could amplify or tune out frequencies depending on how much you wanted to hear the outside world. Well, it's back with an upgrade, the Here One -- and it offers even more control over your audio. The new earpieces introduce "layered listening" that promise to merge earbud sounds with those of the outside world. You can listen to music on a bike ride without missing car sounds, or get sports commentary while preserving that stadium atmosphere.

It's more targeted, too. instead of blocking whole frequency ranges, you can apply adaptive filters that boost or eliminate specific sounds, such as conversation or crying babies. You also get a personal profile, so you won't have to routinely tweak settings when you use the Here mobile app. Just be ready to pay more than you did for the last generation -- Americans can pre-order the Here One for $299 (up $50 from the old model's normal price) ahead of its November launch. International releases are "coming soon," so don't despair if you're an eager listener outside of the US.


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