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Dotcom eyes 2017 election

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 13/10/2016
Kim Dotcom © Getty Images Kim Dotcom

He may be facing extradition, and his last foray into New Zealand politics was less than successful, but that hasn't stopped tech mogul Kim Dotcom from claiming he's going to change the government next year.

The German-born internet entrepreneur has tweeted to say he's getting ready for another foray into the political arena at the 2017 national election.

"This time I'll spend far less, corrupt media won't stop me, will change [government] with brilliant plan!," he said.

Later, 42-year-old Dotcom elaborated that his strategy involved getting the "youth to vote".

"Youth votes for fairness. Their minds are not yet polluted with greed. They care about others and the planet. NZ Greens might get a boost," he said.

The claim comes as Dotcom awaits the results of his appeal against extradition to the United States over charges relating to his file-sharing website Megaupload.

His last political endeavour in New Zealand was a failure. His newly-created Internet Party and Hone Harawira's Mana Party joined forces, only to win about 1.3 per cent of the party vote in 2014.

Mr Harawira also lost his seat in Te Tai Tokerau at that election.

After the election, Dotcom admitted his brand was poisoned, but said he hadn't realised it until the lead-up to the election.

Now he says past failures won't hold him back.

"I'm extremely competitive. I hate losing. When I lose I don't stop learning until I can win. I may lose a few times but in the end I'll win," he said.

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