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Dunne takes a swipe at his former party

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 1/06/2017

Could Andrew Little's "permanently grim, dark disposition" be the reason Labour has lost its sense of optimism and enthusiasm, Peter Dunne is wondering.

The United Future leader who was a Labour Party member for 22 years says it's vastly different today than it was when he joined it as a student.

"The sense of optimism and enthusiasm for New Zealand that pervaded Labour previously, even in the darkest of times, now seems to have deserted it completely," he says in his latest newsletter.

"Labour appears these days to be against everything and for nothing - maybe it's the permanently grim, dark disposition of its current leader or maybe it's the length of time the party has spent in opposition."

Mr Dunne says an example was Labour's "bitter and graceless" reaction to the budget's family package.

"By it's blanket opposition, Labour simply revealed it's sourness and churlishness."

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