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Edward Snowden speaks out against new Russian law

Engadget Engadget 8/07/2016 Brittany Vincent
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Whistleblower Edward Snowden has spoken out against Thursday's law introduced by Vladimir Putin, referring to the anti-terror legislation as "repressive" and noting that it's a "dark day for Russia."

The activist didn't spare any his thoughts on the matter, referring to new laws that would force phone and internet providers to store customer data and turn them over to the government if requested. The data collected would include calls, texts, photos, and internet activity that would be stored up to six months, and then special "metadata" that would be retained up to three years.

Snowden, responsible for leaking classified NSA documents back in 2013, went on to explain further that the new law, in addition to "violating common sense," would cost over $30 billion to implement and enforce.

These admittedly frightening new efforts are set to go into place beginning on July 20th.

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