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Elizabeth Warren Says Donald Trump Only Wants To Profit Off America

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 31/03/2016 Sam Levine
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) continued to attack Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday, arguing that depending on him to fix the country is like calling on an arsonist to save a burning house.

"Donald Trump is looking out for exactly one guy, and that guy's name is Donald Trump," Warren told Stephen Colbert during an appearance on "The Late Show." "He smells that there's change in the air and what he wants to do is make sure that that change works really, really well for Donald Trump."

The Massachusetts senator slammed Trump's business record in an effort to dispel the myth that he is a successful businessman.

"The truth is, he inherited a fortune from his father, he kept it going by cheating and defrauding people, and then he takes his creditors through Chapter 11," she said. When Colbert pointed out Trump has never broken the law, Warren quickly jumped in to note he has never broken the law "and been caught."

Warren has also called Trump a "loser" and said his campaign is based on "racism, sexism, xenophobia and hatred."

By contrast, the Democratic nominating contest, Warren said, has been filled with debates over ideas that will actually affect the lives of Americans. Noting that 70 percent of Americans have to borrow money for college, Warren pointed out that Sanders and Clinton are having a good debate about the cost of higher education.

"Between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders, they're talking about should it be free college or should it be debt-free college. God bless that is the right place to have that discussion," she said.

Warren, who has declined to make an endorsement in the Democratic primary so far, added that Sanders supporters should vote for Clinton if she gets the nomination and vice versa. 

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