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Execute Chinese drug importers: Harawira

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 23/06/2017

Mana Party leader Hone Harawira has proposed executing meth importers from China.

Talking about solutions to New Zealand's P problem, Mr Harawira told Three's The Nation on Saturday that China was the major source, and a message needed to be sent through harsh penalties.

"We can pass a law to say any Chinese who brings meth or its precursors into this country is either going to jail forever, is going to get sent back and never be allowed back again, or is going to get executed," he said.

It's not a policy that interests the government.

"No, it's not something we're looking at," Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett told reporters.

Mr Harawira denied the idea was racist, saying the policy could be extended to everyone else and "you've got to start somewhere".

"What I'm saying here, very clearly, is China is identified internationally as the greatest source of methamphetamine ... We need to send a signal first there. It's easy to then start spreading that across to everywhere else," he said.

"You want to know what's racist? Maori are in the bottom of New Zealand society in terms of housing, employment, education, health and justice. Now that's what I call racist."

Asked if he thought the harsh policy should be extended to gangs, he replied:

"I think even the police would admit that the gangs don't actually do all of the meth here. It's imported."

In statement, police said gangs and organised crime were "strongly linked to the importation and distribution of methamphetamine in New Zealand".

"New Zealand's methamphetamine market has organised criminal group involvement from production to consumption," a police spokesperson said.

Labour's Chris Hipkins was quick to criticise Mr Harawira's comments.

"Even Donald Trump at the height of his anti-China narrative didn't suggest an ethnically targeted death penalty," he tweeted.

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