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Extra supervision sought for sex offender

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 7/12/2016

Authorities have asked for a man who kept his daughter as a sex slave for more than two decades to be kept under strict supervision for another 10 years.

Ronald Van Der Plaat, 82, had to be released from jail in May despite being a medium to high risk of re-offending and has been living under tight parole conditions since.

The Dutch-born man was originally sentenced to 15 years and 10 months in jail for the 23-year-long sexual abuse of his daughter when she was aged between nine and 32 while they lived in Vanuatu and Auckland.

In a hearing at the High Court at Auckland on Thursday, the Crown asked for a 10-year extended supervision to be imposed on Van Der Plaat.

ESOs allow for monitoring of the most serious and high-risk offenders to continue up to a decade after their parole finishes.

Clinical Psychologist Juanita Smith told the court even while she was interviewing Van Der Plaat to evaluate him for risk, he had "firmly" grabbed her thigh.

"I did feel quite shocked and I pushed his hand off," she said.

She said her analysis of Van Der Plaat suggested he was in the top percentile of offenders in terms of sexual deviance and believed even though he was getting older, he was not less likely to re-offend and was still seemed physically fit.

The hearing continues.

The conditions of Van der Plaat's parole included having to wear a GPS bracelet and a ban on nearing or entering anywhere children under 16 may gather.

That includes children's parks, schools, kindergartens, beaches, childcare centres, or libraries.

His offences against his daughter, Tanjas Darke, included increasingly bizarre and depraved sexual acts against her, including hanging her upside-down, naked and bound in a doorway, and giving her drugs and alcohol.

At one point she became pregnant to him and later miscarried.

Van Der Plaat was released in 2010, but sent back to jail after being seen holding hands with a girl of about five years old in Auckland.

It was later revealed he had been left alone with the child on occasion and had taken photos of her.

In May he was released - because he had served his full sentence - to a home in west Auckland's Te Atatu, prompting concerns in the community.

His parole expired in November but was extended until a ruling is made on the ESO.

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