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'Eye-catching' activist takes chilly stand

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 27/07/2016

A lone animal rights activist has braved the winter weather to stand almost naked on a main Auckland road.

Vegan animal-rights group PETA protested outside the headquarters of Neat Meat Company on The Strand, in Parnell on Wednesday as rain clouds loomed overhead.

The group said it wanted to remind Aucklanders that animal agriculture was responsible for producing almost a third of New Zealand's greenhouse-gas emissions.

One female protester stood almost naked except for underwear and a coat of green body paint, with a sign saying "Go Green. Go Vegan".

Organiser Claire Fryer said the activist was brave in taking on the chilly day, but the group had found the protest method effective, presenting a "eye-catching" image.

"It's on the main road. I'm sure we'll have quite a few interested onlookers," she said ahead of the protest.

Although Neat Meat promoted organically-farmed meat, no meat farming was humane, she said.

"No matter how free range they are, they are still causing massive destruction, land degradation, contaminating waterways.

"Combating climate change is extremely difficult when you are farming hundreds of thousands of animals who are releasing methane into the environment."

Neat Meat co-owner Andy Ham said the group had a right to protest, but the company would not be interacting with the activist.

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