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Facebook’s timeline is changing again, now prioritises sites you’ll actually read

TechCrunch TechCrunch 21/04/2016 Haje Jan Kamps

Just when you were starting to get used to the way Facebook shows your timeline, it’s time for another shake-up. This time, the social media mogul is updating the feed to prioritise links it thinks you might be interested in.

The update is part of Facebook’s “Feed Quality Program” a much bigger effort to improve everyone’s news feed experience. Every day, the company asks a few thousand people if they like what shows up in their news feed, and uses that survey data to adjust its algorithms.

The biggest learning from its research, Facebook says, is that the actions people take on the platform—liking, clicking, commenting or sharing a post—don’t always tells the whole story of what is most meaningful to them. For example, even though people are less likely to interact with articles about a serious current event or sad news from a friend, that isn’t necessarily an indication that Facebook users don’t want it in their news feed.

Spending some quality time

The biggest adjustment that is being rolled out today is based on the realisation that the amount of time people spend reading or watching content they clicked on is a strong indicator for what types of content they like. Presumably, that is why my Facebook news feed is now exclusively kitten videos and TechCrunch news.

“With this change, we can better understand which articles might be interesting to you based on how long you and others read them, so you’ll be more likely to see stories you’re interested in reading”, a Facebook spokesperson said.

The rollout of the new timeline has started recently, and will continue over the next few weeks, and will affect both your personal Facebook feed, and that of any pages you have on the platform.

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