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Facebook boss in live chat with ISS

Press AssociationPress Association 2/06/2016

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has taken part in the first Facebook Live broadcast in space by speaking directly with astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Using the social network's live streaming feature that enables anyone to broadcast live to Facebook users around the world, Zuckerberg spoke to British astronaut Tim Peake as well as Commander Tim Kopra and Flight Engineer Jeff Williams aboard the ISS, where they discussed living and working in orbit above the earth.

They took questions from the Facebook founder as well as other Facebook users, discussing food, zero gravity and using social media in space - with Kopra explaining a large portion of the experiments done on the station are based on the astronauts themselves.

"One of the main things we do is try to understand the impacts of zero gravity on the human body - a lot of negative impacts - so in large measure we're an experiment," he said.

"So we exercise for a couple of hours every day as mitigation for the loss of bone density and muscle mass.

"We have our eyes scanned because there's issues with your eyes as a consequence of zero gravity, and several other things that we do on board to try to make sure that when we go beyond low earth orbit we fully understand the implications of zero gravity on the human body."

Kopra added that it was a "blessing" to have internet access aboard the station and be able to share images and videos with friends and family via social media.

It was also revealed that SpaceX, the private space exploration and transport firm founded by Tesla chief Elon Musk, had delivered traditional ice cream to the space station.

The 20-minute video chat was broadcast live on Facebook, with NASA providing the direct link between the social network's headquarters and the ISS.

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