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Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube blocked in Turkey during reported coup attempt

ICE Graveyard 15/07/2016 Devin Coldewey

The Turkish military have deployed in Istanbul and Ankara, and the government has apparently blocked social media in response to what is being reported as an attempted coup.

Turkey Blocks, a Twitter account that regularly checks if sites are being blocked in the country, reported at 1:04 PM Pacific (11:04 PM Istanbul time) that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were all unresponsive, though Instagram and Vimeo remained available.

Some residents of Turkey appear to be able to get online, likely via a VPN or some other anonymizing service. Many are publishing images of military occupation of important landmarks like bridges, and one tweet shows what appears to be a fighter jet flying very low over Ankara. Tanks have been photographed at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.

The Associated Press reports that the Turkish prime minister has confirmed that there has been a coup attempt by a group within Turkey’s military. Some reports have it that the group has seized control, overthrowing Erdogan. The Telegraph is updating live.

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