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Fancy Auckland pooch colours downgraded

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 14/06/2016

Sorry Aucklanders, you can no longer say your dog is champagne-coloured, it's white.

And you're barking up the wrong tree if you think your pampered pooch is the colour of an eclair. It's not, it's now just plain old tan.

That's according to Auckland Council, which is standardising dog colour descriptions to 11 plain shades, to bring them into line with the National Dog Database run by the Department of Internal Affairs.

The database holds details of all registered dogs, their owners and any infringements issued against an owner.

However New Zealand Kennel Club president Clyde Rogers said Aucklanders don't need to panic.

"This is just a change on council dog registration forms, the breed standards will not be affected and neither will the way people continue to describe their dogs at home or kennel club gatherings," he said.


*Red: Ginger, copper, Blenheim, liver, mahogany, rust, bronze, ruby, merle, auburn, chestnut

*Grey: Silver, sand, ash, pepper

*Blue: Blue merle

*Orange: Apricot, amber

*Brown: Chocolate, biscuit, wheaten, coffee, cinnamon

*White: Cream, champagne, bone

*Black: Seal

*Brindle: Brindle

*Tan: Fan, beige, caramel, buff, camel, eclair, oatmeal

*Gold: Yellow, honey, blonde, lemon, straw

*Tri-colour: A coat of three obvious different colours

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