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Fashion It-Girl Sabine Ghanem Dishes on Her Personal Style and Impossibly Chic Wardrobe.

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 4/11/2015 Brooke Magnaghi

Jewelry designer Sabine G came on the scene just two years ago and has rapidly gained attention not only for her jewels, but for her flawless style and the jet-set company she keeps. Profiles by Vogue, W and Harper's Bazaar have immortalized her as a veritable fashion darling. But perhaps she is best known for her nuptials this past May to Joseph Getty which took place over the course of a weekend in Rome. Lavish parties and Liaisons Dangereux costumes headlined the festivities in advance of the wedding to which she wore a regal, showstopping Haute Couture Schiaparelli gown complete with a sun-embroidered cape, and matching shoes. Not one to shy away from drama of the sartorial kind, this fashion it-girl ups her game at every appearance.
As a jewelry lover, I am obsessed with her eponymous collection. Particularly her pink sapphire and diamond Harlequin ring [note to husband.] But I would be lying if I didn't admit to a massive case of closet envy. This girl has amazing clothes - and the social schedule to keep them off their hangers. But it's the way she pieces together an outfit - her daring and precise eye that make her style truly one of a kind.
Today, in her London apartment, she wears what she refers to as her uniform. "Nice trousers, comfortable shoes, t-shirt and a chic blazer, so you look very dressed up without having spent a half hour mixing and matching things." For her, sure. The secret ingredient here is confidence - the catalyst that propels a bright pink vintage Pucci blazer and tailored silk Celine pants into an effortless look.
Evening is another mood altogether, "Quite over the top," she quips. "Open back, lace, big shoulders. I usually wear vintage Azzaro pieces or YSL or Tom Ford with big shoulder pads, so it's quite out there. Then I pair my jewelry with it."
Her love for vintage can be credited to her style muses: Catherine Deneuve, Katherine Hepburn and Cher. "Everything that I have that's vintage, I treasure," she declares. Among her fave looks are "an Alexander McQueen long gown in black velvet with lace all over the back, YSL trousers and a bolero jacket," and she adds, "my Manolo Blahnik shoes I treasure because they're the only shoes I can walk in for more than two hours. Chanel classic pieces and a beige leather Versace blazer with zippers that was my Mom's."
When it comes to jewelry, She's a pro at piling it on. "More is more,' Sabine affirms. "I wear it on the knuckles, on the pinky I can stack two or three rings together. My Harlequin collection is playful, I wear it everyday with my jeans and t-shirt or at a wedding where I wear more for the bling effect."
And for that gorgeous emerald engagement ring from her better half? Contrary to what you might think, he actually picked it out himself. "He proposed in the Bahamas. I was very surprised! I told him, you're going to mess this up, let me design the ring. I'm glad that he told me, 'listen, you're going to have a lot of rings in your life, let this one be from me.' So, I'm very happy that he didn't ask my opinion. He chose it himself. It's an emerald from the 1920's. A classic." For a true gem.

Brooke Magnaghi is the co-founder and cco of, the online fine jewelry e-commerce site.

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