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Fastest-ever production drone is also one of the smartest

Engadget Engadget 20/07/2016 Jon Fingas

As a rule, the fastest drones tend to be either prototypes or one-off homebrew models. Even the quickest off-the-shelf drones are pokey in comparison. Teal, however, doesn't think you should have to compromise. It's launching a namesake drone that it claims is the world's fastest production drone. At 70MPH, it's so fast that it could outrun cars on the highway... within its maximum 2-mile range and 20-minute flight time (using a high-endurance pack), anyway. And no, it's not as dangerous as it sounds. The Teal drone is stable in high winds (up to 40MPH in testing), touts high-accuracy GPS and comes with multiple modes to accommodate rookie pilots.

Crucially, this isn't meant as a one-trick pony. On top of a 13-megapixel, 4K-capable camera, Teal packs NVIDIA's Tegra TX1 (a beefy processor for a drone) and a software platform that encourages third-party apps. If you can imagine a flight mode, you can probably implement it. There are built-in apps for command and control flying, racing and a follow mode like you see on some camera drones. Also, Teal promises support for future modules that add radar-guided avoidance, thermal imaging and vision-based positioning.

If you suspect that this no-compromise design won't come cheap, you're right. It'll cost you $1,299 to pre-order now, although you will get the high-endurance battery if you make your move before August 15th. Should everything go according to plan, early orders will arrive by the holidays. That's a lot to pay and a long time to wait. Look at it this way, though: a DJI Phantom 4 officially sets you back $1,399, and it flies at 'just' 45MPH. While it does last longer at 28 minutes of air time, Teal may be the better buy if you're a thrill junkie, a budding programmer or both.

Teal Drones

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