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Finding New Routes

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 12/10/2015 Martha Ringer
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I was in LA doing my best to avoid another hour of traffic and a friend directed me via another route using an App. Love those Apps. Not only did the new route get me there more easily with less stress, I also found a new Whole Foods and neighborhood in LA I had not seen before.
As a result I have been experimenting with finding new routes for my physical behaviors, routines, and inner communication. It's been fun to see what these new routes have to offer and reveal to me. I am doing as much as I can differently.

Here are a few of the things I am playing with:
•Moving things like putting my inbox on the right side of my desk
•Walking a new route up on the trails in Ojai
•Switching which streets I drive locally
•Asking for another way to do what I am doing and see what shows up
•Shifting any negative trains of thoughts to new tracks
What I am noticing is that my field of vision is shifting and I am seeing with a wider perspective, I am energized, I am noticing more freedom with the changes and it is creative and fun. And gifts appear like majestic sunsets I would have missed on the other route. Just like I don't "have" to feel stuck with the 405 freeway route, I also don't have to stick to whatever I have claimed over time as a routine just because it is familiar. Finding new routes is a freedom game worth playing.
Martha Invitations
1. Doing one thing differently today.
2. Notice where you might have lower energy in your day and try a different activity at that time.
3. Change the way you typically do something adding a new twist.

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