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Free Code Camp survey reveals demographics of self-taught coders

TechCrunch TechCrunch 4/05/2016 Devin Coldewey

If you’ve ever wondered who exactly is signing up for all these free learn-at-home coding classes and tutorial websites, Free Code Camp (which is one of them) has kindly surveyed 15,624 users with regard to various basic demographics and some more code-centric items.

Some of the stats are expected (few women — around 1 in 5 surveyed) and a few are surprising — for instance, only 18 percent said they’d like to work for a startup. 38 percent don’t plan on specializing in UX, backend stuff, or other specific disciplines, which they might want to revisit later. And they’re all over the world — mostly the U.S., with India a close second, but the long tail comprises 167 more countries.

Could be useful information as-is, but you can also download the whole set here, or wait for Free Code Camp to publish its planned interactive visualizations over the next few weeks.

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