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Friday's Morning Email: Obama Could Have Supreme Court Nominee In Weeks

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 19/02/2016 Lauren Weber

morning email © Provided by The Huffington Post morning email obama harry reid © Provided by The Huffington Post obama harry reid TOP STORIES OBAMA WORKING TO NOMINATE JUSTICE SHORTLY According to
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, it could be in the next three weeks. [Reuters]

U.S. STRIKE KILLS OVER 30 IN LIBYA ISIS CAMP "American warplanes struck an Islamic State camp in Libya early Friday, targeting a senior Tunisian operative linked to two major terrorist attacks in Tunisia last year." [NYT]
BLACK VOTERS STILL AREN'T FEELING THE BERN IN SOUTH CAROLINA Spelling trouble for Bernie Sanders' long-term campaign prospects. [HuffPost]
PEOPLE ARE TAKING LONGER TO DIE Resulting in larger Medicare bills. [WSJ | Paywall]
NYT ASKS HOW MUCH WARMER WAS YOUR CITY LAST YEAR? Track how much hotter it got for you. [NYT]
PATHWAYS OF A BLACKLISTED SHIP Tracking the Dawnlight, a massive container ship suspected a illegal dealings with North Korea. [WaPo]

WHAT’S BREWING'AS A PAKISTANI MUSLIM IN AMERICA, I'M ALWAYS AN OUTSIDER' "The questions that disturb me most, that sting me as a Pakistani Muslim living in the capital of the United States and make me feel that maybe it won’t all be okay after all, fall into the 'you-belong-there-and-not-here' category." [HuffPost]
WATCH OUT FOR FECAL MATTER ON AIRPLANE TRAYS We know. We didn't realize people change their babies' diapers on planes often either. [Refinery 29]
FLEEING INTO THE UNKNOWN "Imagine being ripped away from your family and running for your life as a teenager." [HuffPost]
OVER A THIRD OF AMERICANS DON'T GET ENOUGH SLEEP Which is seven hours a night. Yikes. [HuffPost]
MEET THE NEXT MARY POPPINS A spoonful of sugar for all of us. [Variety]
WHAT ROBERT CARO THINKS ABOUT POLITICAL POWER "If you’re really interested in political power, everything you do is bull..." [Gothamist]
For more from The Huffington Post, download our app for iOS or Android.WHAT'S WORKINGTHE BALANCE RUSSELL SIMMONS FINDS IN MEDITATION "Before he was an outspoken advocate of meditation, yoga and veganism, Russell Simmons was one of the founding fathers of hip hop -- a music-industry mogul working long hours to build his empire." [HuffPost]
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