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The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 9/03/2016 Muriel Fox

By Muriel Fox, Co-Founder & Past Chair, NOW
In addition to all the knowledgeable leaders who have endorsed Hillary Clinton's bid for the Presidency, I would like to suggest another leader who would surely have joined their ranks: the late feminist founder Betty Friedan. Some Sanders supporters claim that Betty would have joined their camp because she believed in "challenging the system." Truth is, Betty always emphasized results, not complaints. She consistently urged us to attack all bastions of patriarchal power and sex discrimination with energy, wise strategy and unbeatable professionalism. Those characteristics describe the methods of Hillary Clinton, whom Betty greatly admired through the years. This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of NOW, which created the revolution that ended centuries of discrimination against women and girls in all areas of life. Betty Friedan recruited for our first board of directors a group of "insider" women and men who had succeeded in various establishments of American society and who knew how to press the right levers of power for maximum success. NOW won so many victories so quickly not only because of the passionate dedication of millions who joined the fight, but also because of the know-how of its leaders. They knew how to fight effectively to get laws passed, and enforced. They knew that rhetoric alone would not change the world without hard, practical political struggle. Betty and Gloria Steinem did not always agree on all issues, but I am confident she would join Gloria today in fighting hard for Hillary Clinton, "a progressive who makes progress." During my early years as Betty Friedan's lieutenant in NOW, I was frequently asked by interviewers, "Will we elect a woman President in our lifetime?" Betty would have been thrilled to learn that the answer is going to be "Yes!"

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