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Gareth Morgan pledges $1m to charities

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 11/06/2017

Gareth Morgan doesn't fancy spending time in parliament with politicians but he will pledge $1 million of his own money - in exchange for the contact details of potential voters.

Mr Morgan's The Opportunities Party, established earlier this year, is polling at 1 per cent.

Speaking on TVNZ's Q&A programme on Sunday morning, he said he would rather spend $1m giving to charity than on election advertising.

"I sort of put my mind to it and thought 'can I get a win-win here?'" he said.

"Can I get people to sort of follow The Opportunities Party - at least look at our stuff - but also not just waste the money on billboards?"

"So that's the idea here - I put $1 million into a pot for advertising and every time somebody comes to the website and says, 'no, we'd rather you spend it on a charity,' then $3 of that goes across to the charity."

Mr Morgan agreed he was a "reluctant politician", more concerned about content and policy than personality.

"We've got real holes in our [government policy].

"You know about it with the housing affordability, the Nats have allowed low-skilled people to come in and suppress wages, and those people on the modest incomes - their rents are going up. They're getting gutted."

If The Opportunities Party was to get 5 per cent of the vote and make it into parliament, Mr Morgan said he would be happy working with Labour or National.

Mr Morgan's policies include introducing a tax on all capital and legalising cannabis.

The general election takes place in September.

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