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Get the Hell Out(side)

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 22/02/2016 Elliot S. Weissbluth

Being active is a common trait among successful leaders.
Intense physical exertion encourages mindfulness and creates a much-needed sense of renewal.
So, step back from our hyper-connected world, work up a good sweat (preferably outdoors) and literally disconnect from emails, social media posts, conference calls, etc.
You can justify disconnecting in the name of brain science.
Research proves that fresh ideas present themselves unexpectedly -- especially while the brain is undistracted by the barrage of a day's problem-solving.
Favorite ways to renew outside of work include:
•Skiing - I started skiing in my 30s (later than most) and was instantly addicted. It's a challenging sport that takes practice, skill and exertion, and that we can enjoy as a family or with friends. Nothing compares to the feeling of crisp alpine air, the reflection of sunlight on fresh snow, and the juxtaposition of speed and strength against the quiet stillness of the mountains.
•Mountaineering - We've talked before about my admiration for elite mountaineers like Ed Viesturs. The parallels between summiting a mountain and building a business make the accomplishment of finishing a tough climb deeply inspiring.
•Yoga - Skiing and climbing pump adrenaline through the body; yoga is about slowing down and quieting the mind. The first time I completed an inversion (yoga-speak for an upside down pose, like a headstand) without support, it was so amazing that I fell over. With time and practice, the sensation of being calmly focused while upside down became routine.
In addition to their health benefits, the common theme of these activities is that they demand dedication over time to achieve real growth.
Skiing, mountaineering and yoga challenge you to test your limits -- not unlike leading a successful business.

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