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Geyser wakes locals in Rotorua

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 27/11/2016

Some Rotorua locals had an early wake-up call on Monday, after a geyser erupted in Lake Rotorua.

The hydrothermal eruption several hundred metres offshore shot water 20-30 metres in the air around 4am near Ohinemutu.

The Rotorua Lakes Council said these type of eruptions happen quite regularly but it was usually just a case of bubbling on the surface rather than creating a geyser.

While it was noisy, it was nothing to worry about, says council geothermal inspector Peter Brownbridge.

"It must have been quite powerful to throw up a big column of water as it did but it's nothing for people to be concerned about. We don't see many bigger ones these days although eruptions like this were quite common about eight years ago.

"They blow when the upwards pressure exceeds the capping weight so it can be quite spectacular," he said.

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