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Giant sinkhole opens but neighbours thought it was just a clap of thunder

Mirror logo Mirror 28/06/2016 By Steffan Storch

Families heard a "sound like thunder" today - then saw a giant 9-metre (30-foot ) sinkhole open just yards from their homes,

The hole opened close to one bungalow and swallowed up part of the ground underneath a shed.

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It opened up at 7am at Towy View Park, near Carmarthen, South Wales, built on the site of an old lead mine.

One shocked resident said: "It sounded like thunder.

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"I couldn't believe someone was doing DIY that early in the morning. But when I went out to walk my dog, I could see it. It's a real worry for us."

Jack Needham lives nearest to the hole - and said he didn't initially realize what had happened.

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"I'm sitting with my back to it in the house, watching the news, and i heard what i thought was thunder," he said.

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"I looked out and the sky looked pretty clear, and I didn't take any notice.

"I went out in the car and didn't even see it on the way out. Then I spotted something in the mirror - that's when I saw it.

"It's very close, and I'm feeling very uneasy about it."

Another witness said: "It's massive - about 9-metre (30 feet) wide and really deep.

"There is normally a high bank bank there, so it caught my eye. Then I realized exactly what had happened."

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A spokeswoman for Carmarthenshire County Council said they were investigating.

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