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GifGrabber re-emerges as Giphy Capture

TechCrunch TechCrunch 9/04/2016 Haje Jan Kamps

It looks like some of the $55m Giphy raised recently was burning a hole in its pocket: GifGrabber, one of the most popular apps for making animated Gifs on a Mac, is now part of the Giphy family, and the new version of the app turned up in the Mac App store today.

As you might expect, the company announced the launch on the GifGrabber website… With a GIF:

Along with a name-change and a version-number-nudge to 2.2, the new version has a new capture system for high-definition GIFs, new editing controls making it easy to caption, resize and trim GIFs, and a revamped user interface to make the app a bit easier to use.

The Giphy Capture app is ridiculously easy in use: Select what you want to record on screen, hit record, and, well, that’s it. The editing tools make it easy to select the size you want, and to trim the GIF so you get a perfect loop.

As you might expect from what’s now a Giphy branded app, the new version makes it extremely easy to upload your GIFs to Giphy. If you’re otherwise inclined, however, you you can still save the resulting pieces of moving-picture art to your hard drive.

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