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Give Veterans Your Word for Veterans Day

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 28/10/2015 Dustin DeMoss
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Veterans Day is a time of celebration. It's kudos to the sacrifices many veterans have made. They put country before their family and friends. Their social life consisted of a tent in the middle of nowhere, Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) propped against a rock, and an M16 handy. The comfort away from home was guns, religion, and their brothers and sisters-in-arms. Fidelity and unity in the cause of protecting one another was in the colloquialisms of their youth. Those who signed the bottom line effectively gave their lives to Uncle Sam and entrusted that he'd take care of them. Uncle Sam hasn't always been the best uncle though; he's more like the drunken uncle that slaps everyone around and gets wasted on cheap Bourbon whisky.
Veterans Day is more about corporatism than actually giving kudos these days. But frankly, veterans don't want kudos. They want a VA system that impacts their quality of living. Ole Uncle Sam can slap veterans around all he wants but no matter what veterans still stand tall. The VA system has been failing for decades. Veterans and veteran organizations sound like a broken record and the politicians, the bureaucratically inept, and everyone from here to Timbuktu ignore the problem.
As many veterans and veteran organizations have pointed out the candidates for President do not have a veterans section for their policy agendas (excluding Hillary Clinton), and during the debates the substantive issues have been lacking merit on the topic of veteran affairs. How is that after 14 years of war Presidential candidates have become tone deaf when it comes to veteran's issues? Apparently, they need another war for these issues to be considered.
Veterans have always had veterans' backs and that is the case today as it has been in the past. Veterans help veterans, through and through. So while Presidential candidates think in terms of how they can appropriate the military and make jingoistic appeals to the emotions of the general populace with their remarks on how they'll make the veterans administration the "greatest," it's the veterans working for the VA and organizations like Wounded Warrior Project and IAVA (Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans of America) making the difference.
If politicians wants to make the Veteran's Administration better and more adaptable then it's time to hire as many veterans as possible for the agency because veterans understand veterans. Wounded Warrior Project and IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) as well as many more are filling the vacuum created by this inept bureaucracy.
This Veterans Day don't give veterans your kudos instead give them your word. Your word that you'll have their backs, that you'll write your Congressman for them, and that you'll do something to pay it forward.

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