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Government sets new public service targets

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 3/05/2017

The government has released a new set of public service targets, and it's replaced reducing reoffending with one for reducing the number of victims of serious crimes.

The reoffending target aimed at reducing it by a quarter but it was running at around 4.5 per cent.

"We didn't reach the target that was set but we've committed significant resources and the work is ongoing," Prime Minister Bill English said.

The new and updated targets, which are added to existing ones to make a total of 10, are:

* Having 90 per cent of pregnant women register with a Lead Maternity Carer in their first trimester

* Reducing the number of hospitalisations for children 12 and under with preventable conditions

* Improving the literacy and numeracy of children - focusing on higher achievement of students in year 8

* Reducing the number of serious crime victims by 10,000

* Achieving a 20 per cent reduction in the time it takes to house priority clients on the social housing register.

"Since we set the initial targets in 2012 we've made significant improvements to the lives of New Zealanders and we want to continue to build on that," State Services Minister Paula Bennett said.

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