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Govt doesn't care about tattoo danger: MP

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 2/09/2016

NZ First's Barbara Stewart, who wants the tattoo industry regulated, says Health Minister Jonathan Coleman hasn't even bothered to seek advice about the safety issues she's been highlighting.

"Blood bone diseases can be transferred through tattooing, with the threat intensifying following recent international concern about the safety of some inks in use," she said on Friday.

"Minister Coleman has revealed to New Zealand First that he has not even sought advice on this issue and the government has no plans to regulate."

Ms Stewart, NZ First's health spokeswoman, says the minister is "completely disregarding the safety of New Zealanders".

She's been demanding regulation of the industry since 2013 - when she was told by former health minister Tony Ryall it wasn't on the government's agenda.

"Anyone can buy a tattoo kit online and start tattooing clients who are unaware of the dangers," she said.

"With an estimated third of New Zealanders under 30 having a tattoo, this poses a serious public health issue."

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