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Govt push for mandatory alcohol interlocks

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 9/08/2016

It will soon be mandatory for all serious and repeat drink drivers to have alcohol interlocks installed in their cars.

Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss says anyone convicted of two or more drink-driving offences within five years, and any first time offenders caught driving more than 3.2 times over the legal alcohol limit, will be subject to an alcohol interlock sentence under new measures being proposed by the government.

An alcohol interlock is a breathalyser which is wired into a vehicle's starting system. To start the vehicle, the driver must pass a breath test.

"Interlocks physically prevent an offender from drink-driving, ensuring their own safety but also the safety of their passengers and other road users," Mr Foss said.

Judges can already order offenders to have an alcohol interlock installed in their vehicle, but it's only being imposed in about two or three per cent of cases, Mr Foss said.

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