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Greece Needs More Leaders Like Gianna Angelopoulos

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 11/11/2015 Thanos Dimadis

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In 2004, Gianna Angelopoulos was the president of the organizing committee for the Olympic Games taking place in Athens. She was the woman who inspired our small country to create something big and magnificent and send the world one simple message: that when Greeks work together, they can only succeed. Gianna Angelopoulos was not a politician, but a woman who believed in the energy and passion that the very well known word "filotimo" carries in Greek people's lives. What she did was to make to clear to the people what the stakes were if Greece failed in organizing the Olympic Games. She made them believe in a national goal and at the same time designated for them the path they should walk through until the end.
In the end, the Greeks made it, and Athens hosted the most brilliant and spectacular Olympic Games of the 20th Century. Gianna Angelopoulos -- with her mix of vigorous, visionary leadership and bold, rapid decision making -- evidenced that when the old, incapable and corrupt political system doesn't have the answer to a problem, the problem can be resolved only by appointing ambitious and open-minded personalities like herself into crucial positions to deal with the difficult situation.
Almost 12 years lafter its triumph of 2004, Greece is in a freefall. What Greek society needs today is not only a new story but also someone who will know how to get the nation to believe that story and become part of it. Gianna Angelopoulos is an international "brand name" and one of the very few personalities in Greece enjoying a great respect internationally. A few weeks ago Gianna Angelopoulos hosted an event in New York on behalf of the Clinton Foundation. She invited the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to the event and presented him to her close friend President Clinton in front of a private group of attendees. This gave the Greek Prime Minister a special opportunity to address millions of people watching the event online and on TV -- an opportunity which he wouldn't otherwise have had.
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The country's political leadership has lost its credibility and is completely unable to get people inspired or to create a new vision for them. Instead of recruiting the country's most gifted leaders to bridge this gap, the country's political incumbents keep the system of mediocracy in the country afloat. Now more than ever our country needs more leaders like Gianna Angelopoulos. We need to search deep within our core to identify those leaders and give them the tools to lead.
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