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Greens backed `the core of the budget': PM

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 29/05/2017

By backing the government's legislation that implements its family support package the Greens voted for "the core of the budget", Prime Minister Bill English says.

The Greens are insisting they don't support last week's budget, although they did vote for the bill which went through parliament with a big majority.

It changes tax thresholds and Working for Families, and increases the Accommodation Supplement.

The government says it will make 1.3 million families better off and help thousands of children out of poverty - so the Greens supported it.

NZ First also supported the bill, and Labour was the only party opposing it.

"It's certainly a message that the Greens' relationship with Labour is a good deal more fragile than people thought it was, or as they were portraying it," he said at his post-cabinet press conference.

"Particularly when it became clear they hadn't really told the Labour Party they were going to take the radical step of voting for a National government's budget."

When it was pointed out the Greens had said they're not going to vote for the budget - that vote is still days away - Mr English said they could tell it however they wanted.

"They're trying, no doubt, to salve the wounds of the Labour Party - but they're voting for the core of the budget."

Labour and the Greens have an agreement to campaign together.

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