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Greens want govt to back equal pay bill

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 8/03/2017

As Kiwi women celebrate International Women's Day, the Green Party is calling on the government to pick up a proposed bill that could help close the gender gap.

Sunlight is the bet disinfectant for stale attitudes about a woman's role in the workplace and equal pay, according to Jan Logie who wants the government to support her member's bill to require pay transparency.

Ms Logie's proposed bill, currently in the ballot, would require all employers to publish information abut how much men and women are paid.

"Ensuring transparency around pay is an easy way to ensure women (are) being paid fairly - my Bill will make that a reality," she said.

Her call comes a day after the government revealed it would support her bill proposing to give domestic violence victims extra leave from work.

That bill will have its first reading on Wednesday.

"We think they could do the same thing for equal pay and help women who are fighting to be paid the same pay for the same work," she said.

Minister for Women Paula Bennett made her first major speech in the role on Monday, declaring it "really disappointing" that the gender pay gap remains at 12 per cent.

Research from Auckland University of Technology, released on Monday, showed unconscious bias was to blame for 80 per cent of the reasons women are paid less than men.

Traditional excuses including differences in education, occupation and more women working part-time were only present in 20 per cent of cases.

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