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Halloween RuHles from Stephanie Ruhle

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 2/11/2015 Stephanie Ruhle

Last year I spent the month of October counting down the days like a little kid before Christmas. That involved 31 postings of 31 costumes I've worn over the years. While I couldn't resist reposting some of my favorite Halloween looks this year, I took a new route to spread the spirit.
Having just moved uptown I took brownstone living seriously. With the help of my 3 kids, husband and a massive spider web custom made by a local Etsy seller, we made a haunted house fit for the hundreds of trick-or-treaters that came knocking this weekend. For years city kids have strategically road mapped key blocks and homes, like Marc Lasry's and Phil Falcone's as Halloween hotspots. This Halloween, we made our mark as the new kid in the hood, which means we'll have to top it next year. I've already tapped Home Shopping Network and Grandin Road CEO Mindy Grossman to source a few 7 foot long coffins to add to the front garden graveyard!!
2015-11-02-1446497356-5871776-StephanieRuhlefamilyinfrontofdecoratedbrownstone.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2015-11-02-1446497356-5871776-StephanieRuhlefamilyinfrontofdecoratedbrownstone.jpg
(Stephanie Ruhle and family in front of their decorated home)
Thanks to a last minute delivery from Ricky's NYC president Richard Parrott (who in addition to his normal locations has 12 pop up stores strictly servicing Halloween needs and trying to capture some of the expected $7bn holiday spend) and the secret power TV anchors have, knowing the best makeup artists in town, we went big all weekend long.
Gone are the days of ghosts and hobo costumes made from old sheets and rags, we kicked off Friday night in our vampire best, and though we seemed to be the only parents that celebrated "costumes required," stilettos, leather and tuxedos don't stop a good game of kickball.
2015-11-02-1446497408-3236283-StephanieRuhleandfamilyatschool.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2015-11-02-1446497408-3236283-StephanieRuhleandfamilyatschool.jpg
(Stephanie Ruhle and family dressed up at children's school for Halloween celebration)
Since being the only ones in costume seemed to be the theme of the night, we leaned into feeling like the Munsters and attended Julian Niccolini's Annual Bordeaux dinner at The Four Seasons, the last to be had at the Seagram's Building. While every seat was taken in the pool room, not a single other person was in costume, but the 6 courses and 12 wines poured had everyone feeling exceptionally festive. My dinner partner, New York Times dining columnist Florence Fabricant shared her favorite NYC eatery was le Bernardin, she seemed most interested in my 2 inch long feather eyelashes....more evidence that deep down, we all love a good costume.
2015-11-02-1446497988-4846496-StephanieRuhleatdinner.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2015-11-02-1446497988-4846496-StephanieRuhleatdinner.jpg
(Stephanie Ruhle and husband, Andy Hubbard, at The Four Seasons)
We kicked off Saturday with a spooky soundtrack pouring out our 4 Stories of Fear. I welcomed friends, neighbors and Halloween revelers dressed as a broken doll...equipped with missing buttons, burst seems and tangles tresses. After 3 extra runs to Duane Reade for backup candy supplies, 8 gallons of cider and countless heaping helpings of chili later, we made our way across the upper east side where I stumbled upon Ron Baron enjoying the 92nd street kids parade.
2015-11-02-1446498073-2686298-StephanieRuhleandfriendsgettingreadyfortickortreaters.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2015-11-02-1446498073-2686298-StephanieRuhleandfriendsgettingreadyfortickortreaters.jpg
(Stephanie Ruhle and friends getting ready for trick-or-treaters)
2015-11-02-1446498113-7744604-StephanieRuhlepassingoutcandy.jpg © Provided by The Huffington Post 2015-11-02-1446498113-7744604-StephanieRuhlepassingoutcandy.jpg
(Stephanie Ruhle passing out candy on Halloween)
With the makeup artists back at some very complicated work, we missed the entire Village Parade and our day of the dead float hosted by iHeartMedia CEO Bob Pittman, but our costumes were the perfect fit for Heidi Klum's Halloween bash at Lavo. Tim Armstrong as Uncle Sam, J-LO as the sexiest skeleton and Heidi herself transformed into a gravity defying Jessica Rabbit, it was an epic night. For any attendees who missed Sunday morning obligations...blame it on Questlove. He kept everyone up all night.
2015-11-02-1446498182-9170650-StephanieRuhleandhusbandAndyHubbardatHeidiKlumHalloweenParty.JPG © Provided by The Huffington Post 2015-11-02-1446498182-9170650-StephanieRuhleandhusbandAndyHubbardatHeidiKlumHalloweenParty.JPG
(Stephanie Ruhle and husband, Andy Hubbard, at Heidi Klum's Halloween party)

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