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Hamilton's water supply disrupted again

NZ Newswire logoNZ Newswire 3/02/2017

The repair to a main water pipe in Hamilton got more complicated when a valve failed.

On Thursday conservation measure were implemented after the city's eastern bulk main was damaged.

Hamilton City Council says an unexpected failure to a critical valve related to the bulk water main issue occurred late on Friday afternoon.

Residents are being asked to conserve water urgently for a second time.

Elevated areas of Hillcrest are affected, while the rest of the city may experience pressure fluctuations over the next several hours while the repair is completed.

The eastern bulk main supplies about 27,000 homes and runs under the Waikato River from the city's water treatment plant opposite Hamilton Gardens.

The bulk main was damaged when the river bank collapsed on it.

Partial supply was restored and staff were looking to complete the repair late on Friday when the valve failed.

"When the valve failed we immediately had to divert supply for the eastern side of the city from the western main, as we did yesterday," says City Waters manager Maire Porter.

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