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Healthy Kiwis putting down the pies

NZ NewswireNZ Newswire 14/04/2016

The Mexican vegan pie © Facebook/Z Energy The Mexican vegan pie Kiwis still have a warm spot for the savoury pie, but most are now viewing it as a treat, rather than a meal option, according to consumer research.

A look into New Zealand's pie-eating habits by Canstar Blue has found while 28 per cent of Kiwis reach for a pie as comfort food, 53 per cent now say it's a treat, not a regular meal.

Only about 3 per cent of 1360 Kiwis surveyed said they ate pies as regular lunches and 17 per cent said they ate them despite knowing they were unhealthy.

"With obesity rates in New Zealand still rising and two in three New Zealand adults being overweight or obese, it is pleasing to see that only a small number of Kiwis are indulging in foods like pies on a regular basis," Canstar's New Zealand manager Jose George said.

"It is more important than ever to treat pies and other comfort foods as occasional treats as part of a balanced diet rather than everyday staples."

In a finding that may surprise some, less than half of those surveyed said they preferred savoury pies to fruit fillings - with Taranaki pie-eaters having the biggest sweet-tooth.

But while New Zealand may be more health-conscious, some things never change, with steak and cheese, and mince and cheese still the country's most popular.

What's more, 17 per cent of those surveyed still say a pie isn't a pie without a bit of tomato sauce on top.

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