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Hercules nudity protected for Facebook

dpa logodpa 29/05/2017

Facebook decided a nude statue of Hercules was too graphic for the world, forcing tourism officials in Kassel, Germany, to have some fun.

The German city of Kassel is once again able to display its treasured statue of Hercules on Facebook ... or at least most of it.

Tourism officials for the city were shocked recently to discover that a photo gallery they had put up on Facebook - including a shot of the statue from the rear - had been blocked on the site because Facebook censors recognised it as an image of a nude man.

The statue does indeed depict a nude man. But the city is quick to point out that it is, indeed, a statue, not a man.

However, rather than get into an argument with Facebook, city officials reposted the photo, this time with a pair of red digital swimming trunks protecting both Hercules' modesty and the world from a view of his buttocks.

"We thought, before we got into a long back-and-forth fight, we'd just pull some swim trunks on him. We might even get a little extra attention that way," said Ute Schulte, head of tourism at the GrimmHeimat NordHessen regional tourism office.

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