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Here's how 'Batman v Superman' got its futuristic displays

Engadget Engadget 19/07/2016 Brittany Vincent
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Ever wonder about how Batman's gadgets ended up with such cool interfaces? They owe it all to Perception, a graphics company asked to create unique displays and control screens for several of the electronics in Batman's inventory in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. From the Batwing to the Batmobile, Perception was there each step of the way. The result? A cool, futuristic look for each item, unique to each character.

In a look behind the scenes, Perception explains the process behind designing all of these different interfaces. For gadgetry as advanced as Batman's, the tech needed to be state of the art, so the company looked to fighter jet tracking systems, HUDs and other military tech for ideas.

The LexOS design is a complete visual departure from that of Batman's tech. Clean, white and functional, Perception intended it to be the "polar opposite" of what was created for Batman's character. This UI was inspired by a mix of real customer-facing OSs and other releases, creating something that uniquely matched Lex Luthor's personality.

It's something you may not pay attention to on first glance, but this kind of design work is interesting and useful for creating ambiance and expanding beyond a film's actors and setpieces into another realm entirely. Next time you ponder on a UI seen in a piece of media, you might find yourself dwelling on how it came to be in the first place. And if you want to see the UI in action, check out Perception's video here.


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