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Here's What We Know About The Paris Attackers

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 15/11/2015 Willa Frej

Officials are working to uncover information about the attackers who stormed various locations across Paris on Friday evening, killing 129 and injuring 352 -- 99 of whom are in critical condition. 

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks, and French authorities believe three coordinated teams of terrorists are responsible for the massacre, according to Paris prosecutor François Molins.

Here's what we know about the attackers so far.  

Seven Detained In Belgium For Links To The Attack

A Belgian official said Sunday that seven people were detained in Belgium for being linked to the Paris attacks, The Associated Press reported. A French and Belgian team has been set up to obtain more information.

Two of the detainees were French and living in Brussels; one lived in the Molenbeek neighborhood, which is "considered a focal point for religious extremism and fighters going to Syria," the AP added.

It is still unclear how long they will remain in custody.

Officials found two cars with links to Friday's attacks. One of them, a grey Volkswagen Polo parked near the Bataclan, had come from Molenbeek, the Guardian reported. A parking ticket inside the rented car had been issued in the Brussels neighborhood.

French Officials: Ismaël Omar Mostefaï Was One Of The Bataclan Attackers

French officials also identified Ismaël Omar Mostefaï as one of the attackers. Molins said Saturday that he was a 29-year-old Frenchman who was being monitored by authorities for links to Islamic radicalism.

Authorities were able to identify him thanks to a piece of his finger that had been found after his suicide belt exploded at the Bataclan, Le Monde reported. They also found a weapon that they were able to trace to the suburb Mostefaï grew up in.

Mostefaï's father, a brother and other family members were being questioned Sunday. 

"It's a crazy thing, it's madness," his brother told AFP upon turning himself in to police.

He cut ties with Mostefaï years ago and was unaware of his radicalization, AFP reported. He believed Mostefaï had gone to Algeria with his daughter.

The brother's neighbor backed up these claims. "[Mostefaï's brother and his wife] were an extraordinary couple. They had been disconnected from any activity for a long time," the man told news channel iTélé.

Mostefaï, born in the Chartres region of France in November 1985, allegedly spent a few months in Syria sometime between 2013 and 2014, Le Monde reported. Investigators were able to track down his movements through Turkey.

Mostefaï's acquaintances seemed unaware of his plans. "He was really, really, really discreet," one of his neighbors told iTélé.

Syrian Passport Found At The Stade De France

Authorities also found a Syrian passport near the Stade de France explosion site, Molins announced Saturday. The passport allegedly belonged to Ahmed Almohamed, born in September 1990 in Syria. French authorities had not been aware of this person prior to the attack.

Intelligence officials have said the passport is fake, but did tell Sky News that the attacker likely used it to pass through the Aegean island of Leros

The Serbian interior ministry said Sunday that this man came to Greece in October along with many other refugees and sought asylum in Serbia, The Washington Post reported. Almohamed was reportedly traveling with a second man named Mohammed Almuhamed, the Guardian reported.

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