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Hillary Clinton Channels Richard Holbrooke and Becomes a Hero

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 4/11/2015 David Macaray

Given all the punches that have been directed at Hillary Clinton by the Left (and I've thrown a few wild haymakers myself), here's a "counterpunch" argument that probably won't succeed in changing anyone's mind, but might serve to give them pause. It focuses solely on foreign policy.
Back in my labor union days, a woman executive of a Fortune 500 company once shared an interesting observation with me. She said that because big-time management (corporate executives, Hollywood studios, Wall Street traders, national politics, etc.) was almost exclusively a "man's world," there were precious few gender-friendly role models for an up-and-coming woman to embrace.
The only role models that an aspiring woman executive in, say, a consumer products company had to emulate were men. Her peers were very likely men, her boss was a man, her boss's boss was a man, and the person with the power to promote her was a man.
Not only was this woman, subconsciously, going to behave like the male executives surrounding her, she was going to very consciously and deliberately demonstrate to this "old boys' club" that she was good to go--that she possessed every masculine trait they possessed, including the swagger, and that she was uninhibited by feminine "softness" or pesky "maternal instincts."
In fact, in some cases, in order to remove all doubt and drive home the point that this woman could be trusted to kick ass and take names when necessary, she was even determined to "out macho" the macho dudes. Which, arguably, is how Hillary Clinton won over Senator John McCain. She out-McCained McCain.
As farfetched as it sounds, the case can be made that when ex-Senator Clinton and ex-Secretary of State Clinton becomes President Clinton--and is more or less liberated--she will be free to tap into her "inner Holbrooke." This is a reference to the American diplomat Richard Holbrooke, who died unexpectedly, in 2010.
Two things to note: One, Holbrooke pleaded with President Obama not to listen too much to General David Petraeus, who, as the commander of a mighty army, believed that the ultimate solution to the conflict in Afghanistan lay in a military victory. By contrast, Holbrooke was absolutely convinced that the only solution was a diplomatic one. Hillary Clinton was not only an avid admirer of Holbrooke, she was a disciple.
And two, after being named Secretary of State, the first thing Hillary tried to do was get Richard Holbrooke appointed her Assistant Secretary of State. Alas, President Obama (who was reported to have been offended by Holbrooke's well-documented arrogance and know-it-all attitude) refused to name him to that position.
The problem with having what is reputed to be the most formidable military force in the history of the world is that those in power are constantly tempted to use it. Where virtually every two-bit country on earth has a diplomatic corps, only a few very special countries have anything resembling the U.S. military.
Accordingly, why would we "lower ourselves" to their level by dealing diplomat-to-diplomat, when we could resort to "shock and awe"? Despite her previous "mad dog" rhetoric, I think Hillary understands why.
Not only is she not stupid, she has already witnessed the futility of military intervention in Afghanistan, and has, undoubtedly, learned from it. Being a disciple of Holbrooke, how could she not have learned? Indeed, if elected president, achieving peace in the Middle East, while a prodigious task, could be the legacy she most covets.
How vital is diplomacy? People forget that during the Iranian hostage crisis, Cyrus Vance, President Carter's Secretary of State, resigned from office once it became clear that Carter, having fallen under the spell of NSA Zbignew Brzezinski, was committed to pursuing a military (the failed commando raid, "Operation Eagle Claw") rather than diplomatic solution.
Few remember it, but Vance quitting was shattering news. Imagine the sitting Secretary of State resigning because he thought the administration had become too "militaristic." Hillary could surprise us. As president, she could reverse her hawkish tendencies and embrace Richard Holbrooke's philosophy. Switching from the Executive to the Judicial branch, Hillary Clinton could be the female counterpart to David Souter.

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