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Hillary Clinton is a Myth

The Huffington Post logo The Huffington Post 30/03/2016 Randy Paul Oetinger
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I have often wondered why the Kardashians are so ubiquitous in our culture. It isn't like they are accomplishing or producing anything. Except, they do make available a myth to be consumed and vicariously enjoyed, which turns out to be exactly why our culture buys them and their vacuous brand.
Our myths shape us far more than we usually realize. This is not so difficult to understand once we come to grips with how awfully serious and difficult reality can often be. The truth can be hard. So, we run for cover into our treasured myths, though we call them by other names like fictions and comics and movies ... all that glitters and wins.
We love our veils and denials and safe havens.
It will be ironic and funny when anthropologists and sociologists centuries from now discuss how Sheldon Cooper (from Big Bang Theory) scoffed at his mother's cherished mythologies while, having since been enlightened, he then proceeded to worship his own. Sheldon is funny because he is a genius-idiot, and I think the reason we get the joke is we are also.
And we universally, the great and small among us, flee to our fable islands.
Identity politics is a safe haven. There is comfort in 20 million people feeling just as I do. If we can agree upon a common enemy, for example, then we find common ground together. We like that. Now, it is also a fact, history is littered, that sometimes 20 million people are deluded and dead wrong, all flowing against the tide of reason and bound to crash headlong upon rocks of hard reality. Sometimes our political safe havens become monsters we find ourselves riding.
Remember that the monsters are built upon propaganda. Everybody talks about Hitler; Goebbels was the wordsmith, he delivered the poison. What and whom we believe has everything to do with what we become as a society. What we believe builds everything whether we like it or not.
If your neighbors tell you over and over and over - hundreds, even thousands of times - that the guy living in the yellow house on the corner is a wolf, that he will grind the bones of our children to bake his bread, you will surely begin to believe that about your neighbor living in the yellow house on the corner. You will believe it based upon whispers of truths and shreds of evidence, though he may be Boo Radley, a gentle lamb among you being led by you to the slaughter.
At this moment in history, and this is an amazing statement, the universal opinion of tens of millions of American people is that Obama is not just a bad president, but he is the worst president in history. I challenge anybody to find me one person on the right who says anything other than that Obama is an enemy against all we hold dear. Seriously.
They have cried, "Wolf!" Over and over and over and over about Obama. And yes, also about Hillary Clinton. Conservatives have been fed the propaganda over and over and over, thousands of times - she is the enemy of all we hold dear.
We will hear it. "Anybody but Clinton!" Over and over and over. People think and even say the horrific pig Trump would be a better president than the good citizen Hillary Clinton. Some myths become poison; we are witnessing this with our very eyes.
Maybe we should stop buying propaganda and recognize the true monsters in our midst, be their name Trump or Cruz. It may be hard to hear and accept, but our best safe haven remains the truth - some of these are indeed wolves with real teeth. Everybody loves a good denial, it may feel safe for awhile, but let's remember the reckoning.

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