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Hillary Clinton Is Standing in The Way of Progress

The Huffington Post The Huffington Post 22/02/2016 Staks Rosch
HILLARY CLINTON © Justin Sullivan via Getty Images HILLARY CLINTON

Within every society there will always be the people who push the boundaries in order to move society forward and those who, out of fear, try to rein those people back in favor of the status quo. Looking at the broader scope of America, it is clear that the Republican Party is the latter of those two groups, but it does not necessarily follow that the Democrats are always the former.
In fact, this same division exists to a much lesser extent within the Democratic Party. This battle is going on right now. On the one side, we have Bernie Sanders and those who support his message that America can do much better than we are doing now. That we should not only be able to do at least as well as other industrialized nations of the world, but much better. In Sanders' view, healthcare should be a right of all people and that our government should be able to provide that right to its people at least as well as other industrialized nations around the world are able to provide that right to their citizens.
Sanders doesn't end there; he also thinks that there is no reason why America cannot provide public higher education, tuition-free, to those students who are capable and willing, just like many other industrialized nations do. He reasons that we already provide tuition free education from kindergarten through the twelfth grade and no one complains about having to pay for a public high school option for Donald Trump's kids and grandkids who almost certainly have or would be attending private schools anyway.
Then there is his view that we need to end the for profit prison system in America and deal with the racial injustice that far too often leaves a trail of unarmed minorities dead or unjustly incarcerated and in the case of Sandra Bland, both.
Bold changes are the prescription that Bernie Sanders has been advocating for on the campaign trail and throughout his political career. Eight years ago, Barack Obama was able to not only defeat the "inevitable" nomination of Hillary Clinton, but was also able to defeat the Republican candidate, to become the first black President. He did this despite the claims by many of his fellow Democrats that America was not ready for a black president and that this made him unelectable. He did this despite the fact that he had little foreign policy experience and was a freshmen Senator. He did it because he ran on a message of change. He promised the American people that he wasn't going to play the game of politics better, but rather change the game entirely. He won because he said he was a progressive.
Here we are eight years later and Barack Obama has done a pretty good job as President. He played the game of politics very well and was able to move this country forward... a little bit. He didn't change the game though. He didn't fix our broken healthcare system either. In some ways, he did make our healthcare system a little better, but it is still broken.
While Obama ran on change, Clinton ran on pragmatism. Today, she is still running on pragmatism. But in 2016, the landscape has, interestingly enough, changed. This time around, she is facing off against Bernie Sanders who is campaigning not only on much more change, but also has a stronger passion, sincerity, and a proven track record to his message. This has left Clinton to double down on her pragmatism leaving her message sounding like she is saying that change is just too damn hard and that we should just concede to the Republicans.
Her argument is that the Republicans are going to attempt to block everything that Sanders would like to do so people should just vote for her because she won't try to do too much. Yes, we all know that the Republicans will attempt to stand in the way of progress, but that doesn't mean we should give up on fighting against them to move this nation forward. The reality is that the Republicans will fight against anything either Clinton or Sanders. That being the case, why not fight back? Why should be just concede to the Republicans and not try to fix the serious problems facing this nation and the world?
Within every society there will always be the people who push the boundaries in order to move society forward and those who, out of fear, try to rein those people back in favor of the status quo. Within the Democratic Party, Bernie Sanders is the former while Hillary Clinton is the latter. They say that fortune favors the bold, and we will see if that is true in this Democratic Primary.
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